Introduce the New Business in Style

Starting a new business in these unpredictable economic times is brave and overwhelming. There are some free services available online that can help new owners get businesses introduced in a big way. One example is Google My Business Messaging. It is free to join and use and provides a wealth of benefits and information.


The program consists of tools to assist owners in hitting the ground running. There are tools to build a website, update the business profile, and engage customers directly from a computer, laptop, and mobile devices. Pictures can be uploaded to entice customers through the doors or drive them to the website. A recent addition is a mobile application that allows owners to use text messaging as a means of communication with customers.

The new application from google my business messaging indicates how popular text messages have become. They have a 99% open rate and are the latest trend in a digital marketing strategy. People prefer text messaging because it is fast, easy and requires no spelling skills. People do not even need to use complete words. A message can be comprehended at a glance, and a response can be created and sent in a few seconds. This is ideal for the dwindling attention span of the average person.

Tracking Insightful Information

The program provides information that helps owners determine how customers respond to the business profile. Owners can adjust the profile, completely re-vamp it, or leave it alone. New owners can adjust the profile until revenue projections are matching expectations. The tracking also lets owners know what demographic audience is attracted to the profile.

Another benefit to digital marketing is that customers and owners can engage directly in real time. A customer has a question regarding a product. A text message can be sent to ask the question and a quick response can be sent back to provide an answer. The customer is impressed and becomes a source of repeat business. That will not happen with every potential customer, but open communication is key to retaining loyal customers.

A Messaging Platform

The best way to manage all forms of communication with customers is to find a messaging platform that suits the needs of the business. Manage conversations for follow-up purposes, program automatic responses to emails or text messages, and save time every week on communication tasks. Request a demonstration and be sure the platform will integrate into current business systems.